Team Building

November 24, 2011

1, 2 and 3 day Bespoke Team Building and Team Development Programmes

Motivated Teams succeed! Having your teams both motivated and inspired is more important now than ever before, given today’s economic and business environment.

In our experience the companies which have performed the best, are those who have invested time and resources through team building and staff incentives. We have found these development programmes particularly successful and highly recommend for Senior Management / Vice Presidents and those at CEO level.

We will do our upmost to ensure you achieve the maximum impact from your programme.

What makes our development programmes so effective and unique from other team building activities?

Unlike conventional team building, our development programmes will place your management team into a grilling culinary challenge, taking them outside of their comfort zone and into the heated kitchen environment. Our programmes are spread over 2 and 3 days, in that time delegates will work collaboratively towards a phenomenal project, helping build closer working relationships with each by gaining a better understanding of themselves and their colleagues. When management teams work creatively it challenges their conventional thinking, helping them to clarify a fresh outlook for a renewed vision, thus enabling them to make clearer decisions and inspiring others.

Who will run your event?

Your team will work with our highly experienced and award winning Michelin star chefs, bakers and chocolatiers. We will put the delegates through an intense training course to give them the necessary skills to achieve the task. Each event is bespoke and designed for individual company needs, goals and objectives. The challenges can range from running your own bakery and market stall to organizing a new restaurant concept with paying customers.


We will either work with your internal facilitators or alternatively we have our own highly experienced facilitators who will discuss the details with you so we can design the best possible programme and outcome for you. We regularly use recognized training models such as Belbin, Insights and Myers Briggs in conjunction with our events to achieve the desired outcome.

Recent comments

“This was the best team building activity I have ever been on and perhaps the best working experience of my life” Senior manager Computacenter.”

What’s involved and how does team development work?

On arrival your unsuspecting team will sit down with a tea or coffee while our event manager reveals the task ahead, this often receives looks of bewilderment as delegates process the magnitude of the task. The group will then have a health and safety brief and training from the chefs.

The team will then have to nominate the leadership and delegate tasks to the most suitable candidates. (We will of course facilitate this and guide them in the various roles that need to be filled). Every person participating is expected to take an active role supporting the rest of the team. Each task will be essential to the success of the challenge, there will be no hiding places!

Our promise to you for the outcome for your Team Development Programme

To provide you with an outstanding event, exceeding your expectations and to give you and your team the “wow” factor.

We will do our upmost to ensure you achieve the maximum impact from your programme.

Where are the events held?

Anywhere in the UK or Europe, over the past 6 years we have built up a vast portfolio of relationships with Hotels and food outlets to run these events, our team have a wealth of experience organizing the best location for your requirements.

Ideas and Recent Team Development Event Programmes

The Forest Restaurant

One of our clients took over a restaurant in the new forest “Rhinefield House” formally owned by Sir Richard Branson. The client wanted a collaborative event to encourage working relationships, and team performance. They decided upon a Restaurant concept in the heart of the new forest away from their usual working environment in Hatfield, London.

The delegates had to come up with a concept for their Restaurant:

Tasks included:

  • Designing, planning and budgeting for a high standard rosette 3 course menu. farm shops and outlets.
  • Researching and recommending accompanying wines.
  • Devise a marketing strategy to generate their own paying customers.
  • Design and set a table plan with a centerpiece
  • Greet and serve the customers
  • Most importantly Cook the 3 course meal

The Menu included:

Ham Hock Terrine and homemade Picallilie
Artisan bread to include ciabatta, rosemary Foccacia,
Venison on a parsnip puree with a blueberry and game jus
Hot chocolate fondant and passion fruit granita

This programme was highly successful and enjoyable for all the delegates involved, who not only achieved the goals and objectives set for the programme but also learnt new cookery skills and the buzz of working alongside our high profile chefs. All customers paid for their meals with some even overpaying as they were so satisfied, all the proceeds were added up and then donated to the companies chosen charities .

The Bakers Dozen 2 day Team Development Programme

This same client asked us for new ideas for there next event. After a few conference calls and couple of proposal options they decided upon the Bakers Dozen.

For this event we hired a craft bakery in the heart of London. This event was still to be a 2 day collaborative team event, where delegates learned how to make a selection of artisan breads, and Danish pastries. They went to markets and different locations to sell what they made. Once again all the proceeds went to there chosen charities. This was another highly successful event meeting and the clients goals and objectives, one of the delegates emailed us to say it was the best 2 working days of his life!

1 Day Event

Piece of Cake

A client came to us and wanted to do a team building event but at the same time raise money for there charity. The clients budget for this event was modest so they decided upon a 1 day event where they learnt how to bake, make and decorate a colourful glitzy selection of cup cakes which they then sold the next day at their offices. All the proceeds went to St Peters Hospice which was just under £1000!

Be my Valentine

We took in a senior management team away for 2 days, they worked with our award winning pastry chef to produce a range of luxury chocolates, truffles and fudges. After a slow start in organizing they managed to make over 2000 items in total which even exceeded our expectation! We then set them up in 2 locations to sell their chocolates, this team were pro-active and with poor weather conditions preventing good sales they used their initiative by up selling to local offices around the Blackfriars and city areas, in total and against all odds they sold all but a few boxes and raised just under £1000 which the company then matched, proceeds were given to Help for Hero’s and Great Ormand Street.